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SOMMER & CO Immobilienentwicklung
Real Estate Development GmbH & Co.KG
Schlosserstrasse 11A
70180 Stuttgart
A sense for the correct proportions of a building isn’t something that can be learned from books.

Profit from maximum security as a seller.

SOMMER & CO has many years of expertise in project development as well as in renovation and revitalization of existing real estate. We preferentially acquire residential properties with technical and economic development potential.

And add lasting value to them together with our partners. After development, they are either sold or become part of our portfolio. All of our development measures are carried out in a socially compatible/renter-friendly way.

Owner-managed real estate company. Over 30 years.

Founder and CEO Guido Sommer leads the company with a great degree of stringency and conscientiousness. At SOMMER & CO, visionary thinking and professional, grounded and sustainable action go hand in hand.

Company profile

We’re known for our conscientious approach, one that well-known investors and institutions value. Over the years, we’ve successfully developed, renovated and repositioned over 4500 residential units in the region.

Commercial and residential project development

Efficient acquisition and appreciation processes

Has acquired over €350m of real estate to date

Over 192 apartment buildings and residential estates

Fast and reliable financial settlement

Have real estate you’d like to offer us?

We’re looking for existing real estate in the Stuttgart metropolitan region to add to our portfolio or for development, revitalization and modernization.